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“Pearcey gives credibly argued perspectives on everything from Rousseau's rebellion against the Enlightenment, to the roots of feminism, to the spiritual poverty of celebrity-driven Christianity.… Compellingexceptional… This is the rare long book that leaves one wanting to read more.”
Publishers Weekly

Cross Blogging says Total Truth is a good antidote to the shallowness of seeker churches.

A non-Christian reviewer calls Total Truth “fascinating… well worth the read by both the most ardent Christians as well as the most defiant secularist.”

Psychiatrist Rob Waller calls Total Truth “a wake-up call to people of faith who do not think their faith is related to their work.”

“Easy to read, well-documented, sometimes provocative…. A superb worldview lens through which we can see things more clearly. All who read it will live their lives differently.”
Becky Norton Dunlop, VP for External Relations, the Heritage Foundation

“Pearcey is emerging today as a Christian thinker and intellectual advocate of immense importance.”
Mark Tapscott of the Heritage Foundation

“Pearcey argues passionately.… [Total Truth] can help Christians develop a more consistent orientation to all of life in this world with the help of a Christian worldview.”
Jim Skillen, Public Justice Report, 2nd quarter, 2005

“This book is broad in perspective and covers a great deal of intellectual territory.… If you are a thinker, or want to be, this is the book for you.”
Gregg Cantelmo, A Look @ Books, March 2005

It is rare to find a book like this one, which analyzes its own culture’s history… with honesty and humbleness.
Gökhan Kaya, Holiness in Mind, February 9, 2005

Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey may just be a life-changing book.… a masterpiece that is intellectually stimulating but still accessible and practical.”
Tim Challies,, January 13, 2005

Fabulous… Pearcey’s worldview guide [is] getting rave reviews from many sources.… We highly recommend it.
Byron Borger, Hearts & Minds, January 5, 2005

A fascinating study! The perspective is fresh, helpful, moving, and challenging. Simple yet profound, passion-filled without being ‘preachy,’ broad in scope and centered on fundamental issues.”
—John Vander Stelt, professor emeritus of philosophy, Dordt College

“Personal stories help to incarnate the issues and make them come alive…. Clear, concrete, lively writing style. This message should get a wide hearing.”
—Michael Goheen, Professor of Worldview Studies, Redeemer University College

With the passion of an advocate and the skill of a surgeon, Nancy Pearcey sets forth the elements of a Christian worldview. . . . Makes a persuasive case for Christian involvement in society.”
—Kerby Anderson, National Director, Probe Ministries, Cohost, Point of View

Well written, clear and insightful. The prose is extremely easy to read, even though Pearcey is often dealing with heady philosophical subjects…. a great book.”
—Jay Richards, Discovery Institute

Lucidly stated arguments.… deserves to be read by anyone seeking to integrate his or her worldview.”
Paul Giem, Origins, No. 56, 2004 (pdf)

“A splendid, comprehensive, personal magnum opus.… Every page is loaded with trenchant insights.”
Ralph Winter, International Journal of Frontier Missions, Winter 2004 (pdf)

“Nancy Pearcey’s Total Truth is probably the most significant book of 2004. I pray its influence and impact will be felt for decades.”
Ray Bohlin, Probe Ministries, February 2005

“Viewed by many as the Francis Schaeffer of her generation, I suspect Nancy Pearcey’s book TOTAL TRUTH-Liberating Christianity from Its Cultural Captivity will become essential reading for all serious-thinking Christians.”
Adrian Warnock, UK Evangelical Blog, February 2005

“An outstanding writer… If you buy only one book this year, this would be the book at the top of the list.”
Charles Dunahoo, Christian Education and Publications, November 2004

“Skillfully explains difficult concepts in plain language…. Pearcey advances well beyond Schaeffer, both in the maturity of her thought and in her original work with source documents.”
Bill Wichterman,

“One of those rare books that combines an easy read with serious content, and historical and philosophical depth with Christian integrity…. It is not to be missed.”
—Arthur Jones, Third Way magazine, December 2004

“Striking in the breadth of its synthesis… Very well written and spiced with anecdotes…. Would that every Christian pastor and youth group leader read this book.”
—Angus Menuge, Touchstone, December 2004

“Exhibits the depth of research and breadth of coverage we have come to expect from Nancy Pearcey.”
—J. P. Moreland, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University

“Marked by Nancy Pearcey’s signature clarity, readability, and intellectual depth. It is rare to find a book of such religious and intellectual integrity which is at the same time so accessible and enjoyable.”
—Al Wolters, author, Creation Regained

Spans intersections of secular thought and Christian orientation over a wide cultural horizon…. Demonstrates how correct Schaeffer was in his analysis.”
—Udo Middelmann, Director, Francis A. Schaeffer Foundation

A brilliant intellectual and personal journey for both the religiously committed and the skeptically wary reader.”
—Judith Reisman, author, Kinsey, Crimes and Consequences

The most serious undertaking on Christian worldview to date—from one of the finest writers in America.”
—Mike Adams, columnist, author, Welcome to the Ivory Tower of Babel

“Illuminating…. Pearcey has a gift for making complex issues clear. This is a book that even a worldview novice can enjoy and benefit from.”
Lisa Ann Cockrel, Faithful Reader

Total Truth “questions the modern American cultural attitude of keeping religion a private matter…. The passion in the author’s conviction… is undeniable.”
Midwest Book Review

“The book stirred me to be even more committed to teaching apologetics and worldview issues.”
Reasons to Believe (PDF)

“A rich and readable book…. an atlas of the intellectual geography of the culture war… uncanny insight… a gifted writer and thinker.”
—First Things, November 2004

“Nancy Pearcey picks up where Francis Schaeffer left off in this riveting and informative new book.”
The Discerning Reader

“Outstanding… Pearcey knows a variety of fields… and how to communicate them in a way that’s understandable and even gripping.”
Boundless, a Focus on the Family webzine

Well-written and thoroughly documented. . . a rousing call to action for Christians to wage the culture war…. Total Truth presents a compelling case for a Christian worldview.”
Human Events, September 14, 2004

A Bold Manifesto for a Christian Worldview.”
Al Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (, September 8, 2004

“This book offers wisdom and hope to the Christian who wants to have a more significant impact for the cause of Christ… thoroughly researched, well written and well argued.”, July 30, 2004

“Lucid, easy-to-understand… breaks new ground in worldview analysis.… For all of its intellectual and theological sophistication, Total Truth is written in a way that the average layperson will understand and appreciate.”
World, July 3, 2004


Radio Interviews

Total Truth in Blogworld

“I have been up just about all night finishing the book Total Truth… I just couldn't put it down.”
Carla Klimuk

“A terrific book that is a must-have for Christians…. a thoroughly enjoyable book on a very difficult subject…. Get this book and read it for yourself. You will be thankful that you did.”
Tom Parsons, June 2005

“An excellent book… quite readable, but also quite comprehensive.… Pearcey is an excellent writer.”
David Mobley, A Physicist’s Perspective, April 5, 2005

Brilliant analysis and perspective, designed to strengthen and fill out aspects that can be missing in the Christian life, and to equip evangelicals apologetically.”
Catez Stevens, Allthings2all, April 12, 2005

A vitally important work for the church today . . . .Pearcey explains the secular/sacred dichotomy that has and continues to permeate society.”
Sarah Flashing, The Foundation for Women of Faith in Culture, February 22, 2005

A Christian school superintendent urges teachers and parents to read Total Truth: “It is critical that our children dismantle the wall of separation of the ‘heart’ and the ‘brain.’”
James H. Koan, II

Too intriguing to put down.… a fervent call to evangelicals to wake up from our cultural captivity to the paradigms of the world.”
Steve Erickson

One of the most important Christian books of the last decade… A must for every Christian's personal library, you'll go back to it again and again. Don't wait; buy it today.”
Dan Edelen

“A must-read for those who take seriously our task to train students in the Truth”
Brett Alan Kunkle

“I highly recommend Total Truth and will be bribing my teenagers to read it.”
Randy Brandt

Total Truth is being praised as a combination of apologetics, worldview analysis and social commentary. We’ll be hearing more from Pearcey in years to come.”
Doug Trouten, Executive Director of the Evangelical Press Association (EPA)

Homeschoolers love Total Truth: “Excellent… I highly recommend it as a means to understanding why it is important for parents to teach not just ‘spiritual’ truths, but academic subjects as well.”
Kathleen Dillie

“It’s all about worldviews,” says Ryan Zempel, News and Politics Editor of, on Townhall C-Log. Zempel gives an enthusiastic account of Nancy Pearcey’s lecture at the Heritage Foundation, which surprised organizers by attracting an overflow crowd.
Ryan Zempel

Blogger lays down a Total Truth challenge to college students and pastors.
Derek Melleby

An attorney’s case for Total Truth: Lawyer Larry B. Loftis says Total Truth explains the decline in political morality: “In her excellent new book Total Truth, Nancy Pearcey… [explains] postmodernism in its notion that truth is subjective, capable of changing for each particular group.”
Larry B. Loftis

Total Truth explains why Dan Rather relies on “useful lies”: After reading Dan Rather’s defense of fraudulent memos as “fake but accurate,” Jim Kushiner, editor of Touchstone, says Total Truth explains the widespread pattern of experts turning into “propagandists ready to employ useful lies.”
James Kushiner

Who needs Total Truth?Total Truth, a book just off the press by Nancy Pearcey is, in my opinion, a must read for parents, pastors, and Christian leaders. Would also be great for all public school teachers.”
World Magazine Blog

“This is a deep thinkers read, and I love these types of books because they are rich in knowledge, perspective, and cultural value… Nancy Pearcey is a great author…”
Stacy L. Harp

“On Doing the Lord’s Work the Lord’s Way - I spent an hour or so alone yesterday morning at the local Panera just reading and praying. I ran across a few quotes in the final chapter of Total Truth (yes, I skipped ahead) that just reverberated in my spirit—particularly as we look to plant a new church.…”
Chad Canipe, August 30, 2004

“… illustrates Pearcey’s contention that Christians live in captivity to the culture because of a bifurcated worldview. It is the fact/value or secular/sacred split which confines matters of faith off to the spiritual realm and divorces them from the ‘real world.’”
Jollyblogger, August 25, 2004

“… An astute cultural critic and one of the few female public intellectuals in evangelicalism.… Pearcey is not only one of the handful of women who are shaping conservative Christian thought but also one of the sharpest public intellectuals in evangelicalism.… Pearcey’s intellect and passion for truth has helped her blaze a path in a subculture that is dominated by male thinkers.”
The Evangelical Outpost, August 25, 2004

This may become the book to introduce people to the notion of Christian worldview.”
Tolle Blogge Books, August 13, 2004

“Nancy Pearcey gave a stirring talk on the fact/value dichotomy in our society.… her talk electrified the crowd. It was as if Francis Schaeffer had come to life again. She showed how a commitment to ‘total truth’ is the message this generation needs to hear.”
Dr Ray Pritchard

“Total Truth… is awesome.… Addresses how we have created a false two track way of looking at life that results in a bifurcated destructive way of looking at life and acting in it. You must read it. You can buy it at Do it now.”
Brian Godawa, author of Hollywood Worldviews

Executive Editor Jim Kushiner of Touchstone magazine apparently knows a good thing when he sees it: “I finally, finally, received a copy of Nancy Pearcey’s Total Truth,” he reports on the magazine's blog. Kushiner elaborates: “I wrote that I ‘finally, finally’ received a copy of the book because it had apparently sold out quickly at Amazon and at the publisher. It’s selling well, as it should be.
James Kushiner

Total Truth Sightings

Rivertree Christian Church Bookstore says: “You’ll be fascinated by what [Pearcey] has to say about the pitfalls of our cultural double-mindedness—and why 21st-century believers must learn to ‘think Christianly’ about politics, business, Darwinism, feminism, materialism, market-driven ministry, and more.”

Ambassadors for Christ is studying Total Truth in a book group, led by Roger Overton.

Donald Maclaughlin says Total Truth will teach Christians how to “move Christian faith out into the public square as Truth (with a capital ‘T’).” (PDF)

Christian Poet and Artist Steve Turner, author of a new Johnny Cash biography, tells a newspaper interviewer he’s reading Total Truth.

Family News in Focus reports on Total Truth after its Washington, DC correspondent attended Nancy Pearcey’s standing-room-only lecture at the Heritage Foundation.
Family News in Focus

Leadership U quotes Pearcey in “White House Worldview: Beneath the Presidential Campaign Positions”:
“Nancy Pearcey, co-author of How Now Shall We Live? and author of Total Truth, said ‘If you just focus on politics, you lose the culture. Politics is a reflection of culture. Political issues arise from deeper worldview assumptions, so it's much more effective to address those underlying assumptions.’ —From a Human Events Spotlight (1996).”

World magazine cites Total Truth to explain the crisis in Christian colleges:
“Nancy Pearcey’s Total Truth traces the way Christianity has been driven out of the objective realm and accepted only as a private, interior, subjective feeling or commitment, with little to say about the external world.”
Gene Edward Veith, writing about the crisis in Christian colleges, World, September 4, 2004

Townhall columnist cites Total Truth to respond to radical environmentalists:
“I am sure that you know how important worldview is because I saw that you recently endorsed Nancy Pearcey’s wonderful new book. It all comes down to whether you worship God, or whether you worship yourself.”
Mike Adams, “Noah Responds to PETA!,” August 6, 2004


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